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Atlanta African-American Artist

Arthur L. Eubanks

Arthur L. Eubanks is internationally known as a multi-media artist with great emphasis on painting and photography. He is also an art educator, having taught and studied in numerous European, Caribbean and African countries. His formal studies surround the cultural community of Tennessee State and Fisk Universities of Nashville Tennessee. He has taught under the Ministry of Education in Jamaica and performed numerous workshops throughout the Caribbean.

Mr. Eubanks has also accepted commissions that has transformed into murals throughout public institutions in the USA and abroad. His latest commission through Atlanta Public Schools reflected on the theme," Children of the World." Mr. Eubanks has exhibited in many museums throughout his professional career-highlighting exhibition "Visions of My People" which showcased African American artists born in the state of Tennessee. The exhibition at the Tennessee High Museum of Art launched Mr. Eubanks career to that has allowed him to flourish at all levels of his artistic endeavors. Other works by Mr. Eubanks can be found in many public and private collections throughout the world.

"Art is the sum of life and life is the direct result of divine artistry. Multi-media is essential in describing that artistry which stimulates my creativity. My art is a composite of at least three different mediums utilizing various techniques. I'm disciplined in painting sculpture and still photography. This allows me the freedom to integrate different mediums, which reflect my ethnic artistic visions. These are visions of my experiences as a world traveler, my life as an art educator and my spiritual growth. Share my visions"