Atlanta fashion Designer

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson studied fashion design in Atlanta, Georgia and continued her education in North Carolina at North Carolina Central University where she majored in Visual Communications. Her background includes fine art, art history, printmaking, photography, graphic design, marketing, creative writing and community service. She strongly believed there was a need for more fashion stimulation and something incredible could be done to contribute to the fashion world. Rebecca's vision came to fruition by creating unique accessories that can be 'works of art' as well as functional. Rebecca knew that art could be taken to a whole new plateau. In the summer of 2000, psnob (pronounced "snob") was envisioned. psnob is focused on building a company which creates unique, hand painted accessories that will become collector's items. †††

Rebecca is always aksed, "Why did you name your company ≥psnob≤?≤ A word that is interpreted as negative. "If you look up the meaning of the word snob it states, ≥ person who dispises people with inferior social position, wealth, intellect, taste, etc." †††

"I was fortunate to be raised in a household that consistantly introduced me to travel, art, food, different cultures and backgrounds. It made me the person I am today.† Ever since I was a child, I always had the personality that embraced being different as well as embracing the uniqueness in others. I think being a snob is being proud of your own identity or individuality and no one should label that as being negative.† I am changing the negative meaning of the word through my art and one day everyone around the world will embrace being a psnob"

Psnob is a registered trademark.