Ceramic Art Atlanta

Stacey Beth Shulman

A native of Atlanta, Stacey Beth Shulman jokes that she first discovered her love of pottery in kindergarten, when the class made the letters of the alphabet out of smelly green modeling clay. Today she creates functional, low fired tableware and decorative items in her studio in Decatur, Georgia.

Memories of holiday celebrations inspire Stacey to craft casual, colorful serving dishes and vases. "My mother always uses handmade platters when she is entertaining," she says. "I love making things that add to the festive atmosphere."

When she is not in the studio, Stacey uses her experience to teach art and creative expression to older adults and people with disabilities, embodying her belief that art is a tool for healing the spirit of both the artist and the audience. Her work can be seen various festivals and galleries around the Atlanta area.