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Salon, a word derived from the French for "large room", has taken on various meanings:

* Beauty salon (or hair salon), where people receive haircuts, manicures, and facials.

The Salon, a popular British reality TV program where people get their hair cut.

The Salon (film), a 2007 dramedy film about a hair salon


* Salon (room) (or drawing room), a room in a house used for receiving guests.
* Salon (gathering), private and public, of intellectuals to meet, discuss ideas and watch artistic performances.
* Salon.com, an online news magazine whose name is meant to evoke the idea of salon gatherings.
* Salon International de l'Auto, the French name for the International Geneva Motor Show

Visual art

* Salon (art), a major recurring art competition and exhibitions, especially:
* the Paris Salon, an officially-sanctioned exhibit of recent works of art
* the Salon de Champ-de-Mars
* the Salon d'Automne
* the Salon des Refuss
* the style of displaying paintings side-by-side as in such an exhibition or competition.


* Salon, in the Aube departement, France
* Salon, in the Dordogne departement, France
* Salon-de-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhine departement, France
* Salon-la-Tour, in the Corrze dpartement, France
* Salon, town in India involved in the siege of Lucknow

Other uses

* Champagne Salon, a producer of Champagne
* Salon music, piano music written in Romantic style, associated with salon room performances

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