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The subjects reflect my community," Barksdale said in an interview with the magazine published in 2014. "The bold colors that I use have been with me from the beginning. Much art from Africa utilizes some of the same color combinations that I use.

Fresh Original Art

Atlanta visual mural artist Corey Barksdale pushes the boundaries of contemporary art by mixing styles and blending techniques to create fresh, original art.

Capturing African American History

Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale uses art to capture African American history, through color and emotion, saying, "A lot of my images are representative of the experiences that I have had and how I identify myself. These subjects reflect my community.

African American Art & Culture

African American art and African American culture can't be defined in one way. It is a diverse grouping that incorporates a variety of lived-in experiences.

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When it comes to real blend of African America art works, those that are a renaissance of time, Artist Corey Barksdale knows how to make the spirits come alive. For over a decade now, Barksdale has been offering public exposure to Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale's art creations and has been serving art dealers and collectors in their search for a broad range of fine art paintings and collectible's that are quite exclusive and striking.

Atlanta African American artist Corey’s art projects have touched the hearts of those that have come across it - as every of his artwork presents that touch & feel that connects with the body, mind and soul.

When asked – ‘what makes his art works exceptional and inspiring? Barksdale says, first – an artist needs to get really inspired to be able to inspire others. To this knowledge, I ensure that I am fully motivated to produce the best works that I have been wired to create. My creative artworks in Atlanta are continually inspired by jazz and African American culture. Listening to sensational jazz tracks such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane helps free me to do what I really feel when painting. It puts in me a condition of ecstasy that seeks only to produce what the REAL lovers of art can instantly connect with. The result has produced more than 30 paintings that celebrate the jazz experience.

Jazz to me – is synonymous with Art. Hence I find so much creative juice flowing within me when I combine these two - to produce artworks that will stay evergreen! As an African American artist with distinct taste for excellence – Corey’s art works, mural, painting, have been patronized by various other professionals, diplomats, celebs, musicians, and folks who see the light & beauty within his celebrated works.

Corey also has an exclusive new coloring book that is just beyond what you might have seen in the market before. This book offers the stage where budding artists can paint in myriad colors - the desires, aspirations and struggles of African-Americans that Harlem stood for in the past. Whether classical or cubist, amateur or professional, anyone willing to spare a few hours can experience the highs of artistic meditation playing around artistically with Harlem Renaissance Coloring Book.

Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale also uses art to capture African American history, and intends to capture Dr. King's speech in Dublin through color and emotion, saying, "A lot of my images are representative of the experiences that I have had and how I identify myself. These subjects reflect my community. The bold colors that I use have been with me since the beginning. Initially I focused on a few primary colors. Now I am blending them in different ways to create my secondary colors. I give the colors a different value or tone. Examples: blue is a darker tone, then red a mid-tone, orange is light, yellow even lighter, and white I use for highlights. So there is actually a system, and I use certain colors over and over. Using bright colors is part of my makeup. Much art from Africa utilizes some of the same color combinations that I use. So, it's part of my DNA that I use these colors; it's what seems natural."

Barksdale's resume includes a current project for Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, as well as murals on the Atlanta Beltway, in Athens and Decatur, GA, and numerous projects for television. The National Museum of African American History and Culture will feature eleven inaugural exhibitions focusing on a wide arc of history: Slavery, Reconstruction, the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Migrations to the North and West, the Civil Rights Movement, and beyond. It will be a place where everyone can explore the story of America through the lens of the African American experience. Opening September 24, 2016, Barksdale's image will be part of a 360-theater exhibit film that celebrates African American creativity and cultural expressions through art, music, dance, theater and literature.

I love all my artworks, but one of my favorite is that of Jazz Reflections. “The painting is of six guys playing various horn instruments, a bass and piano. Jazz Reflection art piece gives off the vibe of what it’s like being in a jazz club.

Barksdale, an Atlanta College of Art graduate, loves the colors - sky blue, rich orange, and some hint of brown, which he generously uses with bold strokes throughout his work collections. My vision as an Atlanta Artist is to connect more on a more personal level with my fans and audience with the best of creative art works.

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Commission A Painting by Corey Barksdale

From concept to completion, Corey will work with you to bring your idea to reality. Whether you are commissioning a large or small, public or private painting, the process remains the same. Contact us today for more details.