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Alvaro Allvillar

To many around the world, the U. S. and the citizens of the U. S. are one and the same. Depending on the circumstances, we can be seen from one extreme to another. To some we're the greatest nation on earth, to others, the worst. I'm not saying one way or the other what I think about this. My purpose is not to inject my opinion in this piece. What I want is an immediate response to the work as a whole, which changes for the viewer as they get up- close and personal. Something we should all consider when exposed to new information. We are individuals that make up a whole-this installation strives to communicate our multiplicity. We still have the freedom to be individuals and with that, a certain amount of responsibility should be taken seriously. As Americans, we should not be judged by the actions of a few. And likewise, we should be careful when confronted by the prejudice, ignorance, and agenda of others.

A Choices is a conceptual work of art inspired by a set of circumstances, but ultimately based on Jasper Johns⤁ flag painting from 1954 and Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Can paintings from 1962. A Choices consists of 32 vertical paintings of the current United States flag; that at first glance are identical in size, medium, and color. Upon closer inspection, what individualizes them is an almost invisible word found at the bottom of each painting. Each painting has a different word; 16 of which have specific meanings and the other 16 words having the opposite meanings. The paintings themselves each measure 30' x 16 1/4" unframed and 33' 1/2" x 19' 3/4" framed. The frames are be custom-built from raw poplar, hand painted and finished, by myself.

Alvaro Alvillar