Griffin Davis Art

Griffin Davis Art is an art agency that began in 2004 representing both established and emerging artists. Griffin Davis Art focuses on developing both private and corporate collections.

Founding Partners Carroll Knabe and John McNamara met in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989 while both were attending Georgia State University. Carroll was studying Photography. She earned her BFA in 1993 from Georgia State University. When asked what she planned to do with her photography degree, Carroll's response was "somebody has to go out and earn money so that the real photographers will have someone to buy their work." She has been collecting ever since.

John McNamara is a successful entrepreneur who has been fortunate to work in over a dozen different countries in his career. From architecture to creative writing to painting, John has always been a lover of the arts. After traveling the globe, John returned to Atlanta where he continues to broaden his own art collection and is an inspired painter himself.

Griffin Davis has clients throughout the United States and England.