Native Artt Atlanta

Jacqueline Allison

Abstract mixed media artist Jacqueline Allison creates multi-dimensional, graphic compositions inviting the viewer to enter the realm of her imagination.

Depicting the spectrum of human emotions, their interconnectivity and varying degrees of intensity, Jacqueline¹s work portrays her personal journey and the universality of our shared experience.

Early influencers include an upbringing in the Southwestern United States where the strong contrast in color and light is clearly evidenced in her work.  Born in New Mexico and raised in Tennessee, Jacqueline has lived in the Atlanta area since 1986.  Jacqueline received her BS specializing in Graphic Design with a Minor in Fine Arts from Middle Tennessee State University.

Since 1998, Jacqueline has studied at Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta.  Jacqueline is actively involved in the arts community as a member of the Atlanta Artist¹s Club and the Women¹s Caucus for Art of Georgia.  She is also a founding member of the Atlanta Collage Society and Shadowline Artist Group, a coterie of Atlanta¹s emerging artists.

Jacqueline¹s fascination with design is evident in her paintings, drawings and collages.  The liberal use of color and texture in her images command the viewer¹s attention.  Her current series of mixed media pieces express her continued intrigue with layers, which like our emotions, can gradate from dark and dramatic to light and luminous.  

Jacqueline¹s work resides in numerous private collections throughout the United States