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Corey Barksdale Decatur Georgia Fine Artist, Atlanta Fine Artist Gallery

Enjoy the freedom and creativity of dance!

This is dance for everyone. Decatur School of Ballet, the oldest classical ballet school in DeKalb County, offers classical ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, mommy & me, creative movement, ballroom, hip hop and theatre dance. Classes for children and adults are available.

Corey Barksdale Decatur Georgia Fine Artist, Atlanta Fine Artist Gallery

Several Dancers Core "Where vision meets movement"

Since 1980, Several Dancers Core has been creating and performing innovative contemporary dance. Several Dancers Core is home to the internationally acclaimed CORE Performance Company, known for its riveting, passionate and unique work. The three components of Several Dancers Core are: CORE Performance Company: Professional contemporary dance company CORE Presentations: Presenting dance by CORE Performance Company and visiting artists CORE Initiatives: Community-based programs supporting traditionally underserved populations

Corey Barksdale Decatur Georgia Fine Artist, Atlanta Fine Artist Gallery


Pre-School Classes Fall, Winter, & Spring Performances

In-House performances for parents & friends done at the end of each session. This is a non-stressful beginning to performing. Each class has their own show & the dancers experience an audience without the stress of being onstage in front of a full audience. They are more comfortable in the studio setting & it allows them to actually perform & show what they have learned in the class room. For most dancers this is the beginning of their dance career so we make it lots of fun for all involved! *Please note: although we feel performing is an integral part of dance training, it is not mandatory for dancers to perform. Classes may still be attended without performing.*

Atlanta, Georgia 30072 • Atlanta Art Gallery