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* 1 Infantry
* 2 Cavalry
* 3 Indian cavalry
* 4 Artillery
o 4.1 Light Artillery
o 4.2 Heavy Artillery
o 4.3 Horse Artillery
* 5 Engineer
* 6 Misc
o 6.1 Scouts


* 1st Confederate Infantry (1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers)
* 2nd Confederate Infantry
* 3rd Confederate Infantry
* 4th Confederate Infantry (1st Regiment, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry)
* 9th Confederate Infantry (5th Confederate Infantry; 5th Confederate Regiment, Tennessee Infantry)
* Bailey's Consolidated Regiment of Infantry
* Tucker's Regiment, Confederate Infantry
* 1st Battalion, Confederate Infantry (Forney's Regiment)
* 8th Battalion, Confederate Infantry (2nd Foreign Battalion, Infantry; 2nd Foreign Legion, Infantry)
* Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry
* Haskell's Company, Infantry


* 1st Confederate Cavalry
* 1st Confederate Regular Cavalry
* 3rd Confederate Cavalry
* 7th Confederate Cavalry (Claiborne's Regiment, Partisan Rangers; 7th Regiment, Confederate Partisan Rangers)
* 8th (Dearing's) Confederate Cavalry
* 8th (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry (2nd Regiment, Mississippi and Alabama Cavalry)
* 10th Confederate Cavalry
* 14th Confederate Cavalry
* 15th Confederate Cavalry (1st Regiment, Alabama and Florida Cavalry)
* 16th Confederate Cavalry (12th Regiment Mississippi Cavalry, Armistead's Cavalry, Spence's Cavalry)
* 20th Confederate Cavalry (Lay's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry)
* Powers' Regiment, Confederate Cavalry
* Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry
* 1st Battalion, Trans-Mississippi Confederate Cavalry (1st Battalion, Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry)
* 6th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry
* 7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Prentice's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry)
* Baxter's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry
* Cutshaw's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, Independent Rangers
* Murchison's Battalion, Cavalry
* Raum's Company, Confederate Cavalry (Warren Dragoons)

Indian cavalry

* 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles (1st Arkansas Cherokee Mounted Rifles)
* 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Watie's Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers; 2nd Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Arkansas; 1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles or Riflemen)
* Cherokee Regiment (Special Service)
* 1st Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Holt's Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers)
* 2nd Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (2nd Regiment Cherokee Mounted Rifles or Riflemen)
* 1st Chickasaw Infantry (Hunter's Regiment, Indian Volunteers)
* Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion, Mounted Volunteers
* 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
* 1st Choctaw Mounted Rifles
* Deneale's Regiment, Choctaw Warriors (Deneale's Confederate Volunteers)
* Wilkins' (Captain) Company, Choctaw Infantry
* 1st Creek Mounted Volunteers (1st Regiment, Creek Mounted Rifles or Riflemen; Creek Regiment, Mounted Indian Volunteers; 2nd Regiment, Arkansas Creeks)
* 2nd Creek Mounted Volunteers
* 1st Osage Battalion, C.S.A.
* 1st Seminole Mounted Volunteers
* Washington's Squadron of Indians, C.S.A. (Reserve Squadron of Cavalry)


* Braxton's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Battalion C, 2d Corps, Army of Northern Virginia)
* Cunningham's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Courtney's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Haskell's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Huger's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Lewis' Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* Martin's Battalion, Confederate Reserve Artillery
* McLaughlin's Battalion, Confederate Artillery
* McIntosh's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Battalion C,
* Nelson's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (31st Battalion, Virginia Light Artillery; 3rd Battalion Reserve, Light Artillery)
* Page's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Carter's Battalion of Artillery; Braxton's Battalion of Artillery)
* Palmer's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Robertson's Battalion of Artillery)
* Poague's Battalion, Artillery

Light Artillery

* 1st Regular Battery, Confederate Light Artillery (Semmes' Battery; Barnes' Battery)
* Davis' Company, Confederate Light Artillery
* Dent's Battery, Confederate Light Artillery
* Richardson's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery (Battalion A. 1st Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia)
* Stark's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery (Battalion B. 1st Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia)

Heavy Artillery

* De Gournay's Battalion, Heavy Artillery (12th Battalion, Louisiana Heavy Artillery)
* Montague's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery (4th Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery)
* Smith's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery

[edit] Horse Artillery

* Marshall's Company, Confederate Artillery (Brown Horse Artillery)
* Stuart's Horse Artillery
* White's (Captain) Battery, Horse Artillery


* 1st Confederate Engineer Troops
* 2nd Confederate Engineer Troops
* 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops
* 4th Confederate Engineer Troops


* Bands, C.S.A.
* Bell's Battalion, C.S.A.
* Brush Battalion, C.S.A.
* Burrough's Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Princess Anne Partisan Rangers)
* Click's Company, Ordnance Scouts and Guards, C.S.A.
* Confederate Infantry
* Cunningham's Ordnance Detachment (Cuyler's Ordnance Detachment)
* Davis' Company of Guides, C.S.A.
* Engineers, C.S.A.
* Exchanged Battalion, C.S.A. (Trans-Mississippi Battalion; Western Battalion)
* Gillum's Regiment (Henry Gillum's Regiment; Gillum's Regiment, Mounted Infantry; Gillum's Regiment, Mounted Riflemen)
* Infantry School of Practice
* Invalid Corps
* Jackson's Company, C.S.A.
* Lyon's Escort, Forrest's Cavalry, C.S.A.
* Madison's Company, Mounted Spies and Guides (Phillips' Mtd. Spies and Guides)
* Martin's Escort, C.S.A.
* McDaniel's (Captain) Company, Secret Service
* Mead's Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Regiment of Partisan Rangers)
* Miscellaneous Indian Records
* Nitre and Mining Bureau, War Department, C.S.A.,
* Ochiltree's Detachment of Recruits (Detachment of Regulars)
* President's Guard, C.S.A.
* Reserve Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia)
* Sappers and Miners
* Signal Corps, C.S.A.
* Stirman's Regiment, Sharp Shooters
* Young's (5th) Company, Retributors


* Blake's Scouts, C.S.A.
* Bradford's Corps, Scouts and Guards (Bradford's Battalion)
* Forrest's Scouts, C.S.A.
* Fort's Scouts, C.S.A.
* Lillard's Company, Independent Scouts and Rangers (Nelson Rangers and Scouts)
* Wheeler's Scouts, C.S.A. (Hawkins' Scouts, C.S.A.; Carter's Scouts, C.S.A.; 1st Tennessee Mounted Scouts)

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