Consumer interest in Shrek is at an all-time high! Shrek's popularity was initially fueled by the enormous success of the 2001 film and is now rekindled with the May 19 opening of "Shrek 2". "Shrek 2" smashed box office records in the U.S with an opening weekend of over $100 million -- doubling what the first Shrek movie did in it's first weekend! Creating a league featuring a character with this much mainstream popularity is certain to bring more bowlers into your leagues this fall.

This promotion is GIGANTIC
! In addition to exclusiveViz-A-Ball® bowling balls featuring Shrek and his movie mates, this promotion also features a YABA endorsed Shrek performance ball option for bowlers who are ready to improve their game. With this performance ball, you can help young bowlers of today become bowlers of tomorrow by taking the "next step" on the road to becoming better bowlers. And you can also add more value to the leagues by offering certified coaching to your programs and encouraging YABA membership. Add all of these elements to your knowledge of how to floor successful leagues, and you will floor more bowlers this fall -- guaranteed!
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In addition, DreamWorks (Stephen Spielberg's studio ) is releasing another animated feature, "Shark Tale", this October. The buzz is already high for this new film and promotion will be intense at the time you are flooring your fall leagues. As such, we are offering an additional "Shark Tale" ball option to the program.

#10 "Shrek" was a smash hit with major star power - rated #3 all-time animated film.
#9 NBC's TV airing of "Shrek" in February 2004 netted 13.4 million viewers - the highest rating since Titantic.
#8 "Shrek 2" opened May 19 with a record breaking $104 million 1st weekend.
#7 Shrek's audience spans all age demos -- kids of all ages love Shrek.
#6 The Shrek brand has never before been available to the bowling industry.
#5 Consumer awareness of Shrek & his mates will be at an all time high this summer.
#4 "Shark Tale", a new DreamWorks (Stephen Spielberg's studio) animated film, opens in October.
#3 "Shark Tale" has an all-star cast with a marketing budget of over $100 million.
#2 Consumer awareness of "Shark Tale" will be peaking when you floor your leagues.
AND THE #1 REASON Ogres are green.

With the 2004 movie promotion at its height this summer & fall, the time is exactly right for you to use the brand as a springboard for the Shrek Swamp Club. This adult/child league promotion (featuring Viz-A-Ball bowling balls of the 4 Shrek characters plus a special ball from Shark Tale) will make a big impact in your center this fall.

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