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Corey Barksdale Decatur Georgia Fine Artist, Atlanta Fine Artist Gallery


Corey Barksdale was born in Nashville, Tennessee into a family of Artists. He was exposed to color and form at an early age by his grandmother a quilt artist, and his mother who was gifted with an intuitive feeling for design and a fastidiousness for detail which she expressed in all aspects of her daily life. This rich beginning is the root of Barksdale's creative expression.
Atlanta Art Gallery.

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Ministry of Sound, Feel So Good,
Summertime, Never Stop Dancing
You Send Me, Jazz Crusader
Just Breath, Dance of Passion
Chill Out Lounge, Colorblind Willie
Living For the City, Live Jam Session
Just Enough City, Saturday Groove
Set of Circumstances, Times Square
Atlanta Bar Scene, Jazz Reflections II
Jazz Reflections, Bar Scene
Louie II, Smooth Jazz, Dizzy Move
Bass Master, Tennessee Couple
Atlanta Night Life, Soul Brothers
Alabama Fish Market, The Fox
Days of Our Lives, Tango
Atlanta Street Life, Sleeping Beauty
Inman Park, Free As the Wind
Buddha Bar, Jazz Great

Victorian Woman, Vintage Bar,
Sax Player Art, Embracing Couple,

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